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At Reflex, we provide a variety of hosting plans. Contact us to find out the best plan for your needs.

Domain Name Registration
Do you have your own domain yet? If not, what are you waiting for? You can register your domain name and keep it so that others may not be able to use it. These days, the prices for domain names are really cheap compared to previous years. Please contact us for more information.

Get Online - Internet Access Plans
Internet Access (Dial-Up Plan)
Are you paying too much for your Internet Access? At Reflex we believe that access to the Internet should be at an affordable rate and through our partnership and alliances with Internet Service Providers, we are able to provide our clients with a low monthly access fee which includes Unlimited Hours and Unlimited Downloads. So why not consider us today. Call us and we will save you money.

Internet Access (Broadband)
If your needs are more suited to a faster access, why not consider Broadband. It is many times faster than dial-up access and it frees your phone lines. Contact us today to discuss our plans.

Email Services
Reflex Email Services gives you access to affordable and secure email hosting solutions. Benefit from an account that is 100% ad-free, anti-virus and spam protected, offers unlimited storage potential, custom domain name, multiple email aliases, and can be accessed from anywhere at anytime.

Against Spam!
At Reflex, our email accounts have excellent Anti Spam facilities. Users have the option to change the spam detection level and also view trapped messages in the spam folder.

For businesses, we provide a hosted email service with spam filtering and full virus protection. If users would like to keep their existing mail system but have mailed virus filtered and scanned for spam, we can deliver it to their server.

Please contact us to discuss your email services needs.

Website Development
"We don't design websites. We design complete web strategies."
A website defines your presence on the World Wide Web. It is your personalized business card 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With a professionally designed and developed website, you will be able to capitalize on unlimited growth and profits for your business.

Whatever your business, Reflex's web strategy incorporates consulting, designing, developing and implementing your vision from scratch or just the changes needed to effectively implement your new web strategies.

Our services range from creating standardized sites to customized sites which vary in web design, layout, navigation, banner creation and design, redesign, content management, multimedia services, e-commerce facilities and web hosting.

We provide secure hosting and complete design and development. Our applications are user-friendly encompassing graphics, animation, forms, database interfaces and more depending on your needs. Reflex utilizes the latest technologies and the most innovative approaches to meet your needs.

We understand the importance and significance of creating a replica of your business on the Web. We pride ourselves in creating a professional website customized to suit you. It will be designed and developed to create the right and positive impression to all your potential clients.

Reasons for Having a Web Site
  • With an ever increasing population of Internet users, you need an online presence to promote your business and create an interest in your business worldwide.
  • Your website will be accessible online 24 hours a day. Customers will be able to send you email on enquiries, sales and feedback on your business services.
  • The Internet is an excellent networking tool in enabling you to tap opportunities worldwide.
  • Potential customers will be able to view your website globally as it is not limited to a local market. It will be accessible globally.
  • Ability to sell your goods and services online worldwide.
  • Your website will attract the right target audience that is relevant to your business rather than having to attend to irrelevant enquires. Customers will be able to know your business activities of doing prior to contacting you.
  • It is the cheapest and most effective form of advertising to clients locally and globally.
  • The web creates more interactivity than any other media.


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